Bountiful Konkan (Dapoli)


Not only famous for scenic beauty of the beaches, but also for a charitable trust called ‘Loksadhna’, Konkan is bountiful in all aspects. This trust was brought to life by Dr. Renu and Raja Dandekar in 1982 for the development of rural students. The institution has been built on Lokamanya Tilak’s idea that “Material, spiritual and religious development of under-developed nations can be achieved through education alone. That only education will take the developing nations to the position of the advanced nations, through peaceful revolution. We have undertaken the mission of education with firm belief and faith that, education alone from the means available to the mankind, can help us uplift our nation”. Started with as many as six students in the first class, today the school is bustling with the energy of several children

The Ganesh temple, Kadyavarcha Ganpati, is in the village Anjarle which comes under Dapoli Taluka. Kadyavarcha Ganpati symbolizes that it is situated on a cliff. Kadyawarcha Ganpati is the live deity (a jagrut daiwat) who responds to distress calls of common people (nawsala pavnara Ganpati). The temple has a stone staircase on the right hand side to reach to the top of the temple. The view of coconut trees and betel nut plantations, Suvarnadurg Fort, blue sea and surrounding hills along with the Suvarnadurg Fort is beyond magnificent.

  Konkan is thus, the perfect getaway spot with its humanitarian services, joyous people, scenic beaches, and unsparing plantations. The variety of food there will prove to be of a tourist’s liking. The avid variety of sea food provided by the beaches is a wonderful add on. Konkan will also prove to be of solace to a religious mind.

Dapoli is 215 km away from the state capital of Mumbai.

How to go

The nearest airport is at Mumbai.

The nearest railway station is Khed on Konkan railway.

Number of state transport buses ply regularly to Dapoli from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. Anjarle is just 20 kms away from Dapoli and autorikshaws are available in ample.